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Today Technology allows us to take better care of ourselves and our planet Earth as we become more environmentally aware.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our homes, businesses and personal lives.  

But When I discovered LED lighting, I wondered, why I hadn’t use them sooner.


My goal is to connect with most people, especially woman like myself to help understand the new world we live in with LED lighting technology.

My story began during my career in the healthcare and legal fields, working and living in California, where daily interactions with multiple ethnicity helped develop my  artistic self.


 I became a green environmentalism as I grew and became more informed about the benefits of  having a world with less pollution.

I did everything I could to improve our global home, until  a devastating storm struck my community and that reality personally kicked in.


I was physically, mentally, and financially devastated, but wasn’t about to dwell on my misfortune.

I had to repair my damage home, and rewiring my entire home was one of the task at hand.


 It wasn’t what I’d planned to do but eventually changed all my incandescent and florescent lights to LED.

Fortunately, I got used to the brightness of LED lights and quickly experience an LED epiphany moment.


The difference is notice once you start paying attention and stop resisting change.

Now my home was back to normal after the storm,and I discovered yet another surprise benefit, My electric bill had decreased immensely thanks to these LED lights.


LED uses electricity much more efficiently and is cooler even though they were brighter, I saw it as a great leap of success for the future of our Planet.

My Passion propels me to share my personal experience  of LED, regardless that it wasn’t news to everyone, but with hard work, my contemporary LED store was born.


Changing to LED lights I believe is an important step everyone must take to preserve the planet we call home, no matter how small the action.

Every great journey starts with an idea that keeps growing in your mind.

Always stand up for your beliefs, and soon you will connect with an endless string of people who share believe in what you’re doing.


Aside from environmental benefits, these lights can easily lend themselves to  artistic expression.

They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can choose which one best suits your home and personality

You should trust in a product that only does what it was made to do. Lights are for lighting,


LED's offer many benefits like;

  • Reduce the risk of burns from touching hot burned out bulbs,
  • They have much less toxic residue,
  • They are not glass, and have a lower chance of combustion.

When making a choice for your home, think about its impact.

 Don’t just go with the cheapest option but weigh the pros and cons of LED lighting, update your understand, value and safety when it comes to LED light bulbs in your home.


Learn from my journey, and don’t waste another second with your incandescent or florescent light bulbs.

Make the choice that will give you and your community a long-term payoff of creating a beautiful new world.


Start to understand how your actions affect the planet, and maybe you’ll have an epiphany moment like me.


We hope that LEDHomeDecors selection of well crafted products that deliver style, value and quality, will become synonymous with LED lighting.


Join our journey to save our Planet and Energy and bask in the glory of LED lighting.  


Support the LED switch and Purchase your favorite design.


Thanks for your visit, enjoy our LED artistic designs.


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