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 Get Beauty, Warmth And Coziness

 60" Electric Fireplace. (Alexa/Google Compatible)


Brand: Touchstone


Product Highlights

  • Minimal frame with wide 56" x 14 3/8" flame viewing area
  • Two heat settings (750W/1500W) with thermometer (68-88°F) or constant on
  • 6 flame color options and 10 media bed color options
  • 5 flame and media bed light intensity settings
  • 3 flame speeds and timer up to 8 hours
  • Can be plugged in or hardwired
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Turn on or off by voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Includes log set, crystals, and driftwood.


Product Features

  • 2 heat settings (high and low) with thermostat
  • Designed for recessed mounting in wall
  • Remote control for heat and flame setting (batteries not included)
  • Dual mode operates with or without heat for only flame effect
  • Built-in timer mode for shut off up to 8 hrs
  • If mounting under a wall mounted flat panel TV, mount fireplace at least 8 inches below the bottom of the TV.


Multiple flame colors

To create the cozy traditional fireplace atmosphere, this electronic unit emits authentic-looking flames that emulate a real fire. The flames of this fireplaces create are natural enough to have friends and family think you own a traditional wood burning fireplace.
This fireplace allows you to set the right mood. The lighting and heating options of this fireplace offer you the ability to customize your atmosphere to your liking. With both its look and performance, Get  Both the heat and flame settings can be operated through a remote control. (Batteries not included)

Oh Yes, it does heat your room

What makes the Sideline® Elite unique is its heating capabilities. It allows you to recess your electric fireplace into the wall while also providing heat through the vent in the front of the unit.  Elite Fireplace offers two heat settings which quickly add heat to a room up to 400 sq. ft.

Please note the heater isn’t designed to be the primary heat source in your room or home

Mounting and Use

The versatile Sideline® Elite electric fireplace offers two installation options. Although it is essentially designed for insertion in your wall, it can also be mounted on your wall.

Instructions for mounting and install come with the fireplace, and we recommend you follow the simple instructions provided.

We recommend placing your Sideline® Elite 60 at least 20” below your ceiling or 8” below your mounted flat screen TV because of its heating feature.



Please inspect your fireplace unit immediately upon receipt for shipping damages and notify LedHomeDecors immediately if there is damage. Return/refund will not be accepted for damage claims received past 14 days after delivery.


Product Protection


  • Replacement of any non-functioning electronic parts
  • Free Toll Free tech support (800-215-1990)


  • 1-year extended warranty (continuation of warranty for 1 calendar year AFTER expiration of manufacturers warranty)
  • Replacement of any non-functioning parts
  • Toll-Free Customer Service & Support


  • 2-year extended warranty (continuation of warranty for 2 calendar years AFTER expiration of manufacturers warranty)
  • Replacement of any non-functioning parts
  • Toll-Free Customer Service & Support

Quick Tips to Get Started

WiFi Operation: To adjust the fireplace settings with your mobile device and use Amazon Alexa® or Google Home® voice commands, you will need to add the Tuya Smart app to your mobile phone or tablet.

1. Get the Tuya Smart App

2. Set Up the Tuya Smart App

Follow the app instructions to set up and register a Tuya Smart account and sign in to the app. Once you've downloaded the app to your mobile device, open the Tuya Smart App, tap “Register” to register an account, then sign in.

3. Add the Elite Smart Fireplace to the Tuya Smart App

Sign in with the Tuya Smart account, add the device, and change the device name to the word or phrase you will use for voice commands, i.e. Alexa, turn on the fireplace. We recommend using a simple phrase like "fireplace." You must use your designated phrase, i.e. "fireplace" in your voice commands for Alexa and Google Home to control your fireplace. See more about voice commands below.

4. Pair the Tuya Smart app 

Refer to the Touchstone Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions. 

5. Operate the Fireplace Settings with the Tuya Smart App

Once you have completed the Tuya Smart app set up and added your fireplace to your WiFi network, you can operate the fireplace through the Tuya Smart app. 

With the Tuya Smart app, you can:

  • Power the fireplace on and off
  • Adjust the flame color and ember bed color
  • Adjust the flame intensity and speed
  • Turn the heat on or off
  • Set the heat temperature
  • Set the timer 

Set Up Voice Commands For Your Elite Smart Fireplace

With the Tuya Smart app, you can use your Amazon Alexa and Google Home device voice commands to control the power and heat temperature of your connected Elite Smart Fireplace. You must use the Tuya Smart app to pair your fireplace with your voice command devices. 

For the most up-to-date device pairing instructions, visit the Tuya Smart App website.


Visit: https://developer.tuya.com/en/docs/iot/service-market/smart-speaker/third-party-tutorial/amazonechoguide?id=K9j6yq88a3msw


Visit: https://developer.tuya.com/en/docs/iot/service-market/smart-speaker/third-party-tutorial/googlehomeguide?id=K9j6yqpeqzzgp

Note: The Tuya Smart Google and Alexa guides reference some voice commands that are not currently available. 

Voice Commands to Use

Turn the Fireplace On and Off and Adjust the Heat Temperature

Google Home Voice Commands For Your Fireplace
"Hey Google, turn on <fireplace name>"
"Hey Google, turn off <fireplace name>"
"Hey Google, set heat to <degrees>"

Amazon Alexa Voice Commands For Your Fireplace
"Alexa, turn on <fireplace name>"
"Alexa, turn off <fireplace name>"
"Alexa, set heat to <degrees>"

Reminder, your fireplace name is the phrase you set up in the Tuya Smart app for your fireplace. You must use this exact phrase/fireplace name in your command to your voice-activated device. 



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