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Best Guide to Buying Gorgeous Contemporary LED Chandeliers By Style

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Buyers may wish to buy a certain style of chandelier, but there are still a number of options to choose from within that style. Chandeliers can be made from different materials and shaped in different ways. Chandeliers come in several different types and are categorized primarily by the materials they use. These chandelier types are available for nearly any style and can be fine-tuned to fit the decor of the buyer's home.



Materials and Benefits


Made from real-crystal or faux-crystal pieces or beading; refracts light well; good for brightening dark spaces; easy to clean



Made from shell pieces, wood, or plastic beading; pieces dangle down or create a netting feature; lower-cost materials increase affordability


Made from various metals, such as wrought iron, brushed nickel, or brass; has simple, curved lines; provides shaded lighting


Made from clear-glass or colored-glass pieces; usually includes a dome-shaped covering; glass may come in different shapes or designs


All of these types of chandeliers can be made in mini versions. Miniature chandeliers come in every style and are made from almost any material. These smaller lighting pieces offer elegant lighting in a small, fun design. Mini chandeliers are not expected to brighten a room, but rather add a decorative touch. This size is especially good for smaller rooms, like bedrooms and bathrooms, and well-lit spaces that do not need the chandelier to contribute to lighting the room.

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